Benefits of Guest Blogging

  1. It builds your credibility and positions you as a thought leader. Whether you’re guest blogging about lessons learned or best practices, the more you offer up interesting blogs about a few relevant topics, the more people will consider you to be a thought leader. Guest blogging is also a great bio builder. Nothing adds credibility to your background like a list of respected outlets where your work has been featured.

  2. It introduces you to new audiences – and new audiences to you. Getting to know new audiences through guest blogging (and introducing yourself to those new audiences so they get to know you) will help you make powerful networking connections, grow your business and bottom line, and increase awareness around your area of expertise. It’s why guest blogging can be one of the most impactful marketing platforms out there.

  3. It will help to improve you writing skills. Guest blogging helps can help you write better, richer, more relevant pieces of content. Blogging for different audiences means you’re getting feedback from each of those sets of readers, who have varying perspectives, expertise, and pain points.

  4. It creates an online portfolio. Think of the Google-sphere as another version of your resume. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get to know you—and your work—online. Whether you’re applying for a job or pitching yourself as a speaker for an upcoming event, the first thing the person on the other end of your application or email is going to do is Google you. If his or her search turns up blogs from a laundry list of reputable outlets, he or she is much more likely to consider you than if the search returns a list of addresses from Instant People Finder.

Remember that unless you’re writing for The New Yorker, most people are going to be more interested in your perspective and expertise than the grammatical intricacies of your writing.

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