Get Involved

We encourage all WIP members to get involved. You can commit to more than just being a member by joining our board or being part of our subcommittees. Learn about what you can do to be more active.

Leadership Board

If you are ready to take your WIP membership to the next level, consider joining the WIP Leadership Board. The WIP Leadership Board requires a high level of commitment and shared vision to take WIP to new heights. Board nominations occur every two years. Elections are held privately by the board. Submissions for the next board review will be accepted starting January 2016. See a list of our current Leadership Board members

Volunteer Committee

If you want to be more involved with a specific committee with WIP, we are always in need of more volunteers. Hone your skills by helping out with committees that involve planning for events, excercising creative marketing, and strengthening your webinar skills. Great opportunities to network start here!


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