Heels & A Poncho

Kaitlyn Hansen

For those of you that work in the Houston area, you fully understand the expression “When it rains, it pours.” We must constantly be aware of the weather around us especially if your operation is completely exposed to the ever changing weather elements. My previous facility, a medical office building, had 2 open surface parking lots along with valet services. My staff and I arrived one morning and we all knew there was a really bad storm about to blow over near the area. We had all of the umbrellas and ponchos ready so that our patients did not have to be inconvenienced by the storm. We thought we were as best prepared as we could be. We were so wrong! Little did we know that when the storm came through it would cause the power to go out and leave us with only one gate arm operating. We had no time to discuss how we were going to handle operations with the car lines backed up at the gates that were not functioning and valet becoming overwhelmingly busy. My staff immediately stepped up to the plate so that we made the operations seemingly flow as efficiently as we could for our patients. We moved valet operations to the covered drop off area so that our patients were not getting wet while the cashier and I, stood outside that gates in ponchos, directing the arriving patients on how to access the lot through our only operating entrance. At that moment it dawned on me, as my heels are getting soaked and my hair is dripping wet that nothing is more rewarding than to see your staff still smiling and exceeding all of your expectations on how to overcome obstacles. That day made me proud to be a part of Winpark and to manage such a wonderful staff that is willing to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer services even as it pours! WinPark in the Rain   Kaitlyn Hansen is an assistant operations manager at Winpark and a member of Women In Parking.