Mentoring Program

Women in Parking Mentoring Program
Learn – Share – Grow

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image,
but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.
– Steven Spielberg

Are you looking for guidance from a seasoned parking professional?
Do you have wisdom to share with someone building their career in parking?
Then participate in the Women in Parking Mentoring Program. Applications process opens June 15th.

Since its inception 6 years ago, hundreds of women parking members have taken part in WIP mentoring program as either a mentor of mentor candidate. Through it they’ve learned more about themselves, the parking industry, the business environment, and how to succeed and lead. The mentoring program is a great learning environment for mentor candidates and a rewarding teaching tool for mentors.

Whether you are eager to be a mentor or mentoring candidate, we are confident that you will find participation in the WIP Mentoring Program to be an opportunity to share insight, learn from others, and broaden your career in a unique and meaningful way.

What To Expect From The Women In Parking Mentoring Program

The mentoring program runs for 1 year beginning mid-August It consists of regular (at least once per month) meetings between mentors and their candidates. The mentor and mentoring candidate pairs will meet (virtually or in person) to discuss the mentoring candidate’s goals as described in her/his completed mentoring application.

The WIP Mentoring Committee will conduct quarterly check-ins to ensure that the experience for all program participants is aligned with their expectations.

Mentoring Time Line

May 1stMentoring Program Mark Your Calendar
June 15thApplication Process Opens
June 26thQuarterly WIP webinar will feature past mentoring participants
July 15thApplication Process Closes
July – AugPairing of Mentors and Mentees begins
Aug 7thMentor Pairs Announced via email
Aug 15thMentoring Program Kick-off Meeting (Via webinar. Provides overview of program, requirements, expectations, etc)
August – AprilMonthly meetings via phone, on-line, or, in-person.
Oct 21-242019 NPA Expo WIP Conference – Mentoring Related Program. Details TBD

Mentoring Committee

The Women in Parking mentoring program is managed by the WIP mentoring committee. For further information on the program, rules or eligibility contact committee co-chairs:

Maggie DiPaolo
Tel: (312) 577-7985 ext. 1004


Madison Huemmer
Tel: (619) 884-7964

Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)

Is there a fee to participate in the WIP mentoring program?
No. There is no fee to participate in the program neither for mentors nor mentor candidates.

Do I need to be a Women in Parking Member to participate in the mentoring program?
Yes, the mentoring program is only open to active members of Women in Parking Organization. If you are currently not a member and would like to take advantage of this benefit, please join Women in Parking here.

I took part in the program a couple of years ago as a mentor candidate, can I participate again?
Preference is given to mentor candidates who have not participated in the program before. If slots are available at the end of the paring process, the mentoring committee will endeavor to accommodate you.

What is the career level I should be at to be a mentoring candidate? Supervisor? Manager? Director?
There is no designated level to participate in the program, but the mentoring committee endeavors to match mentors and candidates by area of expertise and experience.

I have held an executive-level position for several years. Is there an executive level to the mentoring program?
There is no executive-level program per se, but the mentoring committee endeavors to match mentors and candidates by area of expertise and experience.

As a mentor, what is the expected number of hours I should anticipate working on the program?
That’s a difficult question to answer as it very much depends on the relationship you develop with your candidate. At a minimum you are expected to hold a 1-hour meeting with your candidate per month. The meeting can be via phone call, online via Skype, etc, or in-person if that is practical. Build in some preparation time for the meeting and some time to debrief

I was a mentor last year. Can I apply to be a mentor again?
Absolutely! We value returning mentors who can share their expertise and counsel for multiple years.

Got Another Question?
Contact NPA mentoring program committee co-chairs, Maggie and Madison. Contact information is located above.