Mentoring Program

Are you looking for guidance from a seasoned parking professional? Do you have wisdom to share with someone building their career in parking? Apply for 2018/2019 Women in Parking Mentoring Program. We are excited to announce that the program will run from August 2018 through July 2019. Applications for those who wish to be a mentor and those who wish to be paired with a mentor will be coming out in May 2019 with a deadline to apply by June 15, 2019. We would love to hear from you about your interest in this program or to join our committee to assist the process. For more information, please contact Maggie DiPaolo at or Madison Huemmer at . It’s going to be a fun and busy summer getting ready to launch the next season of Mentoring! The WIP Mentoring Program is open to WIP members only. Learn how WIP members have helped each other through the Mentoring Program below. Mentoring Committee Chair: Magdalene DiPaolo, Madison Huemmer If you are interested in participating in the Mentoring Program, contact us

Mentoring Experiences

Joy Alexandra
Joy and Alexandra’s Experience
Alexandra and Joy approached the mentoring program with very open minds. Along the way they found more similarites and a lasting friendship.
Sue and Tiffany’s Experience
You don’t have to come from the same background in order to mentor someone. Read how Sue was able to help Tiffany build on her parking knowledge despite coming from a very different industry sector.