Mentoring Program

The 2015/2016 Mentoring Program kicked off in June 2015. The WIP Mentoring Program is one of the essential benefits of being a WIP member. Through a self-directed journey, mentors are paired with mentees in order to help them progress in their career paths. Along the way, members have the opportunity to develop life-long friendships and strengthen skills.

The WIP Mentoring Program is open to WIP members only. Learn how WIP members have helped each other through the Mentoring Program below.

Mentoring Committee Chair: Nicole Hankins, Kelsey Owens, Amber Cunha

If you are interested in participating in the Mentoring Program, contact us

Mentoring Experiences

Joy Alexandra
Joy and Alexandra’s Experience

Alexandra and Joy approached the mentoring program with very open minds. Along the way they found more similarites and a lasting friendship.

Sue and Tiffany’s Experience

You don’t have to come from the same background in order to mentor someone. Read how Sue was able to help Tiffany build on her parking knowledge despite coming from a very different industry sector.