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Tradeshows and Beyond: Building Trust with Prospective Clients in Person

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Webinar Synopsis

Time is money and smart sales and marketing rely on connecting with the prospective customer to set a “memory experience” in motion. Develop an expo engagement strategy to anchor your company, product or service in the visitor’s mind. Join National Parking Association’s President Christine Banning and find out how to plan event marketing, demos, volunteerism and expo booth “experience” to support your efforts to stand out among a sea of booths. Learn what the “takeaways” convention goers are looking for when they visit your booth. Be ready with answers, referrals and case studies that “make it real” for your prospective customers. Today, technology reigns, but for leaders making decisions—a person to person experience builds credibility, trust and product knowledge.

About Our Speaker

Christine Banning, CAE, president, National Parking Association (NPA), is an experienced, nonprofit executive with a proven track record enhancing member and customer value, innovating through technology, supporting member development and increasing organizational success. Banning is responsible for supporting NPA’s mission, strategic plan and vision of parking industry best practices, research, advocacy and professional development on behalf of the NPA Board of Directors and its members. Banning is charged with enhancing professional development & certification, sharing best practices in parking industry innovation, leading industry research and expanding NPA outreach throughout North America.

NPA is the parking industry’s leading authority on parking industry research and statistics, with 5 major studies in 2 years, NPA offers the most comprehensive data on the parking industry. NPA is the fastest growing parking association in North America with double digit growth in membership.