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WIP is an organization run by it's members. Hear about the overwhelming support for our mission from our members and corporate sponsors.

"Diversity in organizations is a cornerstone of solving today’s business challenges and positioning companies to make the most of new opportunities. Inclusive groups like Women in Parking work to foster that diversity in our industry. Impark supports that effort and we have a very positive long term outlook on its implications for the industry."

Gordon Craig
COO, Impark

"Women around the world are at a pivotal point now; there is a women’s leadership movement that has been transitioning from grassroots to mainstream. Women are essential and necessary to economic growth, global competitiveness and innovation. Women in Parking is here at the right time and the right place and will be an integral part of this very important transition."

Kathryn Hebert
Past WIP Board Member
Director, Norwalk Parking Authority

"Women make up half of the general workforce, and WIP is helping women get that same recognition in the parking industry! The tools and networking that I have garnered through my experience with WIP have helped me build my brand, develop lasting relationships, and create success for myself and my company. The members, both men and women, are proudly passionate about the mentorship, both formal and informal, of my generation of parking professionals."

Madison Huemmer
WIP Member
Director of Sales and Marketing, iParq

"For women to succeed in any industry, men need to be involved in the process and for many stereotypes to be changed, those who helped make them need to be involved in the process. Those are mostly men."

John Van Horn
WIP Founder
Parking Today Editor in Chief (Platinum Sponsor)

"I think WIP is not only a big help to women but men also, because sometimes we all get caught up in our own little world and don’t look outside of it. Being a manager requires me to look at all sides of a person whomever they may be; WIP gives me a woman’s view that I do not always get in everyday work life. Last year at the WIP conference I was one of very few men that attended. This not only gave me insight on women in the work place but also what it is like to be a minority in a large group. I encourage more men join and attend the WIP conference because the work place is not made up of just one gender and we all need to be better informed. Also, having more men join will help keep a balance of views that will benefit everyone."

Chris Gross
WIP Member
National Sales Manager, Toledo Tickets (Platinum Sponsor)

"Women are great leaders and we need to get them involved."

Alan Lazowski
Past WIP Board Member
President, LAZ Parking (Platinum Sponsor)